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Our aim: To facilitate and encourage everyone's highest creativity, and to produce the finest quality, most universally inspiring music anywhere. Record in a clean, intimate atmosphere, within a studio that's an art gallery, theater and performance center too. Featuring great DAW software/hardware, recording/mixing in surround, a Kawai CA-40 grand piano and Korg Triton Studio 88, and some truly excellent vibes. The friendly and helpful crew will make certain that your musical vision is realized in the best way possible. Also, check into our Videography and Editing, CUSTOMIZED SPECIALS, Student Recording Specials, the Guest Engineer Program, multitrack remote recording, video to digital formats and DVD, audio digital conversion and restoration, film/slide scanning conversion, concert performance space and our full kitchen facilities – all at very reasonable rates. To watch some of the great performances broadcast LIVE from ClearLightSound check out E.T.'s Omniverse on YouTube at

MANITOBA Film & Music Accredited

Accrédité par Musique et Film MANITOBA

ClearLightSound is pleased to be a sponsor of Manitoba Songfest 2013 - Manitoba Songfest 2014, a province-wide song contest open to Manitoban artists and songwriters.

"It's like putting 3D glasses
on your ears!!!

The difference is really
quite incredible.".

~ Andrew Staniland, UK

And now introducing ClearLightSound's remarkable new recording technology of Full Spectrum OmniSonic Digital©®. This exclusive process has been developed especially for polyphonic instruments, such as piano, harp, etc., and it delivers unbelievable depth, clarity and full harmonic dimensionality. Using up to six "aural platforms", all the subtle nuances and tonal delicacy that is heard in live performances is finally brought to the medium of digital recordings. The sound is simultaneously analog and digital, bringing the best of both worlds to your ears! Please listen and compare the difference between a high quality Stereo track and the same selection through Full Spectrum OmniSonic. (ClearLightSound gratefully acknowledges Lubomyr Melnyk for allowing the use of samples of his brilliant Continuous piano music. The Realm Of Synchronicity ©2011 Lubomyr Melnyk from the album THE SELF-LUMINOUS WAY ~



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